“Noon at Weed Beach” – Artists, Performers, Dancers

A volcano/Damned Up
Flowers, pollen
Rounded living area/A question of causes
Oversized helmets, shields, rigid costuming

Snake River Plain – In the distance, a volcano in one direction, a temple, in another direction. Anna pivots with Deflector:

Bird in my mouth
Teeth in my mouth
Head in my mouth
Heart in my mouth
Spider in my mouth
Gold in my mouth
Grill in my mouth
Words in my mouth
Bitter in my mouth
Tail in my mouth
Orchestra in my mouth
Car in my mouth
Metal in my mouth
Plastic in my mouth
Moon in my mouth
Ashes in my mouth
Beard in my mouth
Alive in my mouth
Dead in my mouth
Watch in my mouth
Time in my mouth
Closed in my mouth
Lock in my mouth
Burning in my mouth
Shell in my mouth
Monster in my mouth
Refuse in my mouth
Street in my mouth
Grass in my mouth
Hair in my mouth
Blood in my mouth
Money in my mouth
Grapes in my mouth
Stones in my mouth
Marbles in my mouth
Shit in my mouth
Blue in my mouth
Sun in my mouth
Muzzle in my mouth

2: At Helmut’s position: Noon 1, Noon 2, Noon 3 raise and lower their own heads, and then their feet to the neck.

3: At Noon at Weed Beach:

Re-positioning Anna’s sight lines

First under the head

then through the eyes

then in the door

then thru shields

then into the living area

full circles past the shadow

is it a time keeper

to the knife

to the petal


Erika Vogt was born in 1973 in New Jersey and lives and works in Los Angeles. She received an MFA in 2003 from California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles and a BFA from New York University in 1996. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Eros Island: Knives Please Rise,’ Overduin & Co, Los Angeles (2016); ‘Slug,’ Simone Subal Gallery, New York (2015); ‘Speech Mesh – Drawn Off,’ The Hepworth Wakefield, Yorkshire & Triangle France, Marseilles (both 2014); ‘Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll,’ The New Museum, New York (2013). Recent theatrical commissions include Performa NY 2015 and The Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.

Recent group exhibitions include ‘Curve of a hill like the curve of a green shoulder,’ Mary Mary, Glasgow (2017); “Répétition”, Curated by Nicola Lees and Asad Raza, Boghossian Foundation Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium (2016), ‘Reconstructions: Recent Photographs and Video from the Met Collection,’ The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2015); ‘Warm Side of Zero,’ Overduin & Co, Los Angeles; ‘End Things,’ Portland Institute of Art, Portland; ‘Made in LA,’ Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (both 2012).

Vogt is currently included in ‘The Artists Museum’, ICA Boston, Boston and ‘Inventory of Shimmers,’ MIT Visual Arts Centre, Boston. Mary Mary will be showing new work by Vogt alongside Milano Chow at LISTE, Basel in June.