‘Arrival Inside’ draws together the work of six artists who deal with, albeit in differing ways, a particular moment of composition. This sees within their practices a remaking and recontextualising of a process of collected, examined and combined archives and references, both drawing from outside cultural and historical references and a personal archive rooted in their processes themselves.

Within this lies a network of connotations that is established through a form of dialogue and relationships rather than explicit meaning. There is often a system of remaking and recontextualising which is then left as a trace, a gesture or remnant as if the very ingredients are shuffled and shifted of meaning and material – a formal reduction into a network and arrangement of now abstract forms.

There is a search for a visual mediation of a variety of contents for these artists, where a process of thinking, memorising, translating and imagining is begun and a network of references and connotations is established. All of which draw from loose interpretation, into constructions of these moments of translation.