Mary Mary is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Berlin based Gerda Scheepers, her second at the gallery. Scheepers has produced a group of new works where paintings are supported by, or shown in relation to, sculptural elements both in the individual works themselves as well as throughout the gallery space. A ‘social situation’ is created between imagery and differing sculptural media, focusing on their voluntary and involuntary interaction in the space.

Scheepers recent works concentrate on the narrative possibilities of visual works and their ability to convey content and information. Motifs and marks arranged into ornamental and minimal designs create a very personal exploration into symbols and signs often including repeating gestures.

Her paintings and drawings exist somewhere between abstraction, illustration and formalism. It is this contradiction of synchronicity in the works, that sees painting as its surface connection but also as a linguistic undercurrent, that is at the focal point of Scheepers’ practice.