Mary Mary presents an exhibition of new work by Maximilian Zentz Zlomovitz, his second show at the gallery. Exhibiting a series of new collage works, paintings and sculptural pieces, Zlomovitz has also transform the space by installing industrial office-like carpet throughout the entirety of the gallery.

Zentz Zlomovitz’s work plays with the aesthetics of destruction and the manipulation of the object. This is often played out within specifically built environments, which often constitute ambitious large scale installations including walls clad in steel sheeting and hidden compartments built inside walls. There is a desire here to misplace the viewers’ understanding of the environments they find themselves in, and instead drawing them into what Zlomovitz describes, as a ‘parallel or opposite reality.’

Often linked to film and specifically that of the science fiction genre, Zlomovitz incorporates into his work, familiar materials such as metal, rubber, neon or plastic aswell as office furniture, chairs, razors and gas bottles amongst many others. Although recognizable, we find these objects in the work in a state of disarray and deformity, often burnt or broken down, and whilst Zlomovitz does not deny their chain of references or how loaded they are with association, it is more their dependence and relationship to each other, rather than their human function or origin that he focuses on.

There is an ‘other-ness’ about these objects and their configurations here, where relations between objects and image seem to replace human relationships. The viewer is reminded of the films of Cronenberg or Tarkovsky for example and yet, Zlomovitz presents a very particular graphic, personal language alongside this. For this exhibition, Zlomovitz has focused on the foundation of painting and drawing within his practice, allowing the viewer to appreciate more specifically the use of form, material, collage and gesture within the work.